FOPIDS systems are intrusion detection sensor system developed for the advanced perimeter security. Optical fiber advantages like passive nature, immune to EMI, easy to repair makes FOPIDS systems increased demand in the security and surveillance industry. Reliable and field tested distributed sensor for both underground and overground deployments give it more area of applications. FOPIDS deployment follows a Zone based deployment which makes monitoring after intrusion easier and effective. FOPIDS is designed, developed and manufactured by Fiber Optic Sensing Solutions Private Limited.



FOPIDS can be used in areas where Perimeter protection is important. Major ones include:

  • Protection of restricted areas such as country borders, protection force areas
  • Environmentally vulnerable areas such as forest, agriculture land, wildlife sanctuaries, etc
  • Buildings and areas like office spaces, schools, banks, airports, transport stations, etc.
  • Security breach vulnerable warning areas like prisons, nuclear power plants, research facilities, electric power stations, etc
  • Long distance physical security necessary areas like oil and gas pipelines, railway lines, road, and other transport facility lines



  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection
  • Passive Sensor
  • Zone-Based System
  • Distributed Acoustic sensing
  • Real-Time Alert and Warning
  • Overground and Underground deployment
  • Intelligent software control of device and zones