Powerful, compact and tunable, this interferometer is capable of producing fibre Bragg gratings in the wavelength range of ~0.5 to >2 microns.

Attributes of the interferometer:

  • Wide choice of UV laser writing wavelengths from 193nm-360nm…use your own laser!
  • Tunability based on a single phase-mask
  • Simple alignment procedure…write Bragg gratings in 30 minutes.
  • Simple manual adjustment for tuning of the Bragg wavelength
  • Easy alignment or replacement of phase mask
  • Complete Interferometer in one unit
  • Fs laser inscription with same interferometer
  • Wide choice Fs laser wavelength from 600nm-1550nm
  • FBG length adjustable from 0.5mm-8mm
  • TILTED Bragg gratings from 0-45 degrees